August 27, 2013


Alsana is a fetish model who normally does photo work in which she's spanked or tortured in various ways (though all in good fun).  Fittingly, I chose to do a body paint pattern with briars.  She is a FIERCE model, with a lot of imagination!

My only trouble was that at the time of the shoot, she was in the process of having several tattoos removed, which left many ugly discolorations on various parts of her body. I didn't have any makeup to cover up those marks, so I decided to just photoshop them out afterward. What a mistake!!! I did this shoot YEARS ago! It's taken me this much time to get around to the laborious process of cleaning up the marks.

Here is a selection of the best photos of our body paint session.

All photos are copyrighted by me and Alsana ©2005 C.B. Summers & Alsana Sin

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