April 25, 2007


On October 31 2004 I made an appointment with my third model. Unlike the other models, Divinora was not able to come to my studio, so I drove out to meet her in another city. She took me out to an abandoned building that had no electricity. Because of this, I was unable to take one of my 'nature' bodypaint shots, because I need lights to do that. So instead, I painted her in bridal lingerie. So in these photos, although her lingerie looks realistic, its actually all painted on. The only clothing is the veil she's wearing. Divinora has amazing eyes. Because of the dim lighting inside the house, I used my flash, which worked out quite well due to her smooth alabaster skin.

Divinora is a 'fetish' model, specializing in a 1940's look. Her own personal wardrobe has an old fashioned look. Divinora truly has that femme fatale feeling, but she's a sweet person, and an extremely imaginative model. She stood around in a cold abandoned house for hours, and didn't complain at all.

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